Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Australia MDM, Governance and Regulations

National Australia Group Europe, MDM, DG & Financial Regulations:  Tuesday 22nd March 2011, 10:05am  IRM MDM/DG Europe Conference.

Martin Campbell & Tim Franklin described Clydesdale Bank's (part of NAGE) approach to Customer MDM and Data. governance. Campbell described the Bank's challenges & importance of executive buy in. The FSCS regulatory issues were of utmost importance & fixed time constraints for these had to be achieved.
Franklin outlined the IPL Information Architecture Framework (IAF) and how the governance component of the IAF was expanded to initially benchmark & then form the basis of the Bank's Data Governance approach.
Of particular interest was the importance of establishing principles & getting early buy in for these; the IPL IAF proved to be a useful jump start here.
Overall very interesting & practical.

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