Chris Bradley Summary Biography

Christopher Bradley is a well known independent Information Strategist and has spent over 30 years in the Information Management field, working for leading organisations in Data Governance, Information Management Strategy, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, Big Data Analytics & Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence. 

After studying Chemical Engineering at University Mr. Bradley’s post academic career started for the UK Ministry of Defence where he worked on several major Naval database systems and on the development of the ICL Data Dictionary System (DDS).  His career included Volvo as lead data base architect, Thorn EMI as Head of Data Management, Readers Digest Inc as European CIO, and Coopers and Lybrand’s Management Consultancy where he established and ran the International Data Management specialist practice. During this time he worked upon and led many major international assignments including data management strategies, data warehouse implementations and establishment of data governance structures and the largest Data Management strategy undertaken in Europe. 

As an Information Strategist Chris has helped many clients improve their Information Management practices & gain real advantage through effective Information exploitation.  Clients include several Global Energy Organisations, a Norwegian Exploration Company, Global Pharmaceuticals companies & major Financial services organisations.  These have been in UK, Europe, USA and Middle East.  He has introduced Data Governance, developed Information Management competency uplift programs, established Data Modelling as a Service, and developed group-wide Information Management strategies to ensure that common business practices and use of master data and models are promoted throughout.  Frequently he has been engaged to evangelise the Information Management message to Executive management worldwide, introduce data governance and new business processes for Information Management and deliver training and mentoring. 

Chris is a regular and highly rated speaker at International Conferences on Information Management and Business Process.  He is a member of the Meta Data Professionals Organisation (MPO) and an officer of DAMA, and holds the CDMP (Master) certification.  He recently co-authored a book Data Modelling For The Business – A Handbook for aligning the business with IT using high-level data models”.  He also authors the Information Asset Management “Expert channel” on the BeyeNETWORK, is a regular blogger on information management and regular Tweeter @InfoRacer.

Chris’s interests are motor racing, where he competes in a UK championship & undertaking voluntary work at his local Church.

Recent speaking engagements:

BCS & DAMA June 2015; London, UK,
Information is at the heart of ALL of the business: 

PRISME Pharmaceutical Congress May 2015; Basel, CH, Building & exploiting an Industry Conceptual Data Model: 

MDM DG Europe:  May 2015, London; “CDMP Examination Preparation” & “Data Governance By Stealth?, Can you ‘sell’ Data Governance if the stakeholders don’t get it?”

Enterprise Data World:  April 2015, Washington DC USA; “Data Modelling For The Business” and “Evaluating Information Management Tools”

Succeeding in Data Governance & MDM, Oil & Gas IM Summit, Berlin, March 2015

Webinar: The Information Management Disciplines of the DAMA DMBoK;  February 2015

Webinar: Implementing Successful Master Data Management: DATAVERSITY, February 2015

Bahrain Government: December 2014, Manama, Bahrain “Workshop: Information Management, Drivers, Imperatives & Implications”

Enterprise Data & BI Europe (IRM), November 2014, London  “Workshop: Data Modelling 101”

Enterprise Data World: (DataVersity), May 2014, Austin, Texas, “MDM Architectures & How to identify the right Subject Area & tooling for your MDM strategy”

E&P Information Management Dubai:  (DMBoard),17-19 March 2014, Dubai, UAE  “Master Data Management Fundamentals, Architectures & Identify the starting Data Subject Areas”

Data Governance & MDM Europe (IRM) (April 2014), London “Case Study:  Introducing Data Governance at Riyad Bank”

DAMA Australia:  (DAMA-A),18-21 November 2013, Melbourne, Australia:
“Exploiting DAMA DMBoK 2.0” Keynote;   “Information Management Fundamentals workshop”;   “CDMP Examination workshop”

Enterprise Data & BI Conference Europe (IRM): November 2013, London, UK “Workshop: Data Modelling Fundamentals”
Data Management& Information Quality Europe:  (IRM Conferences), 4-6 November 2013, London, UK “Data Modelling Fundamentals” ½ day workshop

IPL / Embarcadero series: June 2013, London, UK, “Implementing Effective Data Governance”

Riyadh Information Exchange:  May 2013, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, “Big Data – What’s the big fuss?”

E&P Information Management:  (SMI Conference), February 2013, London, “Case Study, Using Data Virtualisation for Real Time BI & Analytics”

E&P Data Governance:  (DMBoard / DG Events), January 2013, Marrakech, Morocco, “Establishing a successful Data Governance program”

Big Data & Analytics 2012:  (Whitehall Media), December 2012, London, "The pillars of Successful Knowledge Management"

FIMA 2012:  (WBResearch), November 2012, London, "Developing A Global Approach To Data Management"

Data Management & Information Quality 2012: (IRM Conferences), November 2012, London, "DAMA Certified Data Management Professional Workshop"

ECIM Europe:  (Expert Centre For Upstream Information Management), September 2012, Norway, "Incorporating Industry Standard Models in your Enterprise Information Architecture"

Enterprise Data WorldInternational: (DAMA / Wilshire), May 2012, Atlanta GA,
“A Model Driven Data Governance Framework For MDM - Statoil Case Study”

Data Governance& MDM Europe: (DAMA / IRM), April 2012, London,
“A Model Driven Data Governance Framework For MDM - Statoil Case Study”

AAPG Exploration & Production Data Management: April 2012, Dead Sea Jordan,
“A Process For Introducing Data Governance into Large Enterprises”

PWC & Iron Mountain Corporate Information Management:  March 2012, Madrid
“Information Management & Regulatory Compliance”

DAMA Scandinavia: March 2012, Stockholm,
“Reducing Complexity in Information Management”

IT Governance & Planning: (Ovum) 1st March 2012, London:
“Data Governance vs IT Governance - What's the difference?”

Data Management & Information Quality Europe: (IRM / DAMA), 7-9 November 2011, London:
“Assessing Information Management Maturity - and setting about improving it"
"Open Source BI - Too good to be True?"

Exploration & Production Information Management: (ECIM) September 12th - 14th 2011, Haugesund, Norway: “The role of Data Virtualisation in your EIM strategy"

Enterprise Data World International: (DAMA / Wilshire), April 2011, Chicago IL,
“How do you want yours served? – the role of Data Virtualisation and Open Source BI

Data Governance & MDM Europe: (DAMA / IRM), March 2011, London,
“Clinical Information Data Governance challenges at GSK”

Data Management & Information Management Europe: (DAMA / IRM), November 2010, London,
“How do you get a Business person to read a Data Model?

DAMA Scandinavia: October 26th-27th 2010, Stockholm,
“Incorporating ERP Systems into your overall Models & Information Architecture”

BPM Europe: (IRM), September 27th – 29th 2010, London,
“Learning to Love BPMN 2.0”

IPL / Composite Information Management in Pharmaceuticals: September 15th 2010, London,
“Clinical Information Management – Are we the cobblers children?”

ECIM Exploration & Production: September 13th 15th 2010, Haugesund, Norway:
“Information Challenges and Solutions”

Enterprise Architecture Europe: (IRM), June 16th – 18th 2010, London: ½ day workshop
“The Evolution of Enterprise Data Modelling”

BeyeNETWORKWebinar: (CA/BeyeNETWORK), March 31st 2010, Webinar.
“Communicating with the Business through high level data models”

IPL & DataFlux Seminar Series: (IPL/DataFlux), March 26th 2010, Bath, UK.
“The Information Advantage – Exploiting Information Management For The Business”

Enterprise Data World International: (DAMA / Wilshire), March 14th – 19th 2010, San Francisco CA,
“How to communicate with the business using high level models”

Data Management & Information Management Europe: (DAMA / IRM), November 2-5 2009, London,
“Modelling is NOT just for DBMS’s anymore”
“Meet the Metadata Professional Organisation”
“Experts panel”

Data Migration Matters: October 1st 2009, London,
“Designing for Success”

BPM Europe: (IRM), September 2009, London: ½ day workshop
“An introduction to Data and the BPMN”

DAMA UK & BCS Data Management Group:, June 11th 2009; London,
“Evolve or Die - Data Modelling is not just for DBMS's"

Enterprise Data World International: (DAMA / Wilshire), April 5th -12th 2009, Tampa FL,
“Including SAP MetaData in your Information Architecture" A BP Case Study
Chairing panel of experts “Keeping modelling relevant”
Panel of experts “Issues in information internationalisation”
“Modelling is not just for RDBMS’s”

Data Rage 2009 March 17-19 2009,
“Evolve or Die – Modelling is not just for DBMS’s anymore”
“Data Modelling as a service"


Data Governance Europe Sysmposia: (IRM / Debtech; London), February 2009,
“Data Governance Challenges in BP”

Webinar series: (Embarcadero Technologies & IPL), Oct 2008 – Feb 2009,
“The New Formula for Success – Moving Data Modelling beyond the Database”

DAMA Europe: (IRM / DAMA), November 2008, London,
“Data Modelling as a service”

DAMA Europe: (IRM / DAMA), November 2008, London, “BPMN for Dummies”

BPM Europe: (IRM), September 2008, London:
“BPMN for Dummies”

DAMA International: (DAMA / Wilshire), March 16th – 21st 2008, San Diego, CA.
“Establishing Data Modelling as a Service in BP”

DAMA International: (DAMA / Wilshire), March 16th – 21st 2008, San Diego, CA.
“Modelling for SoA”
“XML amd data models”

Data Governance Conference: (Debtech / Wilshire) Florida, December 2007,
“Data Governance 2.0”

DQ/IM & DAMA Europe (IRM London), November 2007,
“Data Modelling as a service”

IPL & Embarcadero seminar series: (Bristol, London, Manchester, Edinburgh), October 2007,
“Data Modelling – Where did it all go wrong?”
Data Governance Conference, (Debtech / Wilshire) June 25 -28, 2007, San Francisco, CA,
“Data Architecture for Governance – case study”

DAMA UK: June 15th 2007, London, “Data Modelling – Where did it all go wrong?”
CDi_MDM Summit (IRM UK), April 30 – May 2 2007, London,
“A Data Architecture for Data Governance”

DAMA International: (DAMA / Wilshire), March 5th -8th 2007, Boston, MA
“Panel of Data Modelling experts panel"

DAMA International (DAMA / Wilshire), March 5th -8th 2007, Boston, MA
“Data as a service”

Embarcadero International users group: February 2007,
“Extending your data architecture”

Meta Data Summit: (Debtech), January 2006, Orlando
“Panel of experts”

Recent publications:

Article: “Chief INFORMATION Officer? Not really” Article, November 2012

White Paper:  Running a successful Knowledge Management Practice November 2012

White Paper: Big Data Projects are not one man shows”  June 2012

Article: “IPL & Statoil’s innovative approach to Master Data Management in Statoil”, Oil IT Journal, May 2012

White Paper: Data Modelling is NOT just for DBMS’s”  April 2012

Article: “Data Governance in the Financial Services Sector”  FSTech Magazine, April 2012

Article: “Leveraging a Model Driven approach to Master Data Management in Statoil”, Oil IT Journal, February 2012
Article:  “How Data Virtualization Helps Data Integration Strategies”  BeyeNETWORK (December 2011)
Article:  “Approaches & Selection Criteria For organizations approaching data integration programmes”  TechTarget (November 2011)
Article:  Big Data – Same Problems.  BeyeNETWORK and TechTarget.  (July 2011)
Article “10 easy steps to evaluate Data Modelling tools” Information Management, (March 2010)
Article “How Do You Want Your Data Served?” Conspectus Magazine (February 2010)
Article “How do you want yours served (data that is)” (BeyeNETWORK January 2010)
Article “Seven deadly sins of data modelling” (BeyeNETWORK October 2009)
Article “Data Modelling is NOT just for DBMS’s” Part 1 BeyeNETWORK July 2009 and
Part 2 BeyeNETWORK August 2009
BeyeNETWORK “Chris Bradley Expert Channel” Information Asset Management
Data Modelling For The Business – A Handbook for aligning the business with IT using high-level data models; Technics Publishing; ISBN 978-0-9771400-7-7;
Database Marketing Magazine, February 2009, “Preventing a Data Disaster”