Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wish I'd said that

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought "I wish I'd said that"?
Well, I was getting my head together in preparation for my conference presentation next week at Enterprise Data World in Chicago.  Well, although I've already submitted my slides for a talk on Data Virtualisation as a viable Data Integration approach, I thought I'd do some last minute research. From companies I've worked with I'm very aware of the benefits Data Virtualisation can bring particualrly for flexibility & rapid time to solution.  But I wanted to get some more quotes - so off to friendly Google I went.  Pretty quickly I came across a variety of finds including  
“The difficulties in dealing with the ongoing data explosion and the proliferation of ever-more diverse data sources has resulted in companies being open to reevaluating their data integration strategies,”
Wow - just what I'm after .  A little bit more digging & I also found 
“The availability of a new generation of data virtualization tools and business intelligence (BI) solutions which easily integrate with ERP systems has undoubtedly provided real benefit in reducing overall time to solution and a business opportunity for those organizations who best leverage those data assets,”  
Excellent - I'll use that last one in my presentation.  Now, who said it?  Well apparantly I did :)

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