Saturday, March 19, 2011

BA Air Miles - What's the point?

Massively frustrated at the unavailability of seats that you can use BA miles on.
As a loyal BA customer over the years I'm now seriously wondering just what is the point.

I've got lots of miles and Amex companion vouchers. Back around Christmas my family & I thought we'd like to do a mega holiday in July, August or September this year, particularly having had two family bereavements in 2010. We fancied San Francisco, Vancouver, Australia or New Zealand and have enough miles for all 4 of us to go First or Business Class. After several days of searching availability & then phoning BA we were told there are no available miles redemption seats - to any of those destinations.  This despite availability showing if you buy with cash. "What about buy with cash & upgrade with miles" I inquired. Can't do that either :(    What about nearby cities LA, Seattle?  No BA air miles seats available to those either!

Just this week I again tried to use some BA miles, this time for a run of the mill business trip to Chicago in mid April. I received the same story again. No availability of any miles redemption seats. Once again I tried to buy with cash & upgrade with miles and once again was told no go despite lots of availability showing if you buy with cash.

So I'm wondering, unless you book miles redemption seats a full year in advance (apparently that's when the paltry few actually get released) then just what is the point in being a loyal customer & collecting BA miles?

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  1. Chris: Do not feel bad. You can substitute any airline for your story and most likely it will be true. Too Much Loyalty has its price too. They know you so much that they ignore you, busy trying to hook in new Loyal Members. Gokula